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Our Story

It all started with a dream.

In 1980 David Foster Identifies Need for Modern Supermarket on Grand Cayman

In 1980, David Foster identified the need for a modern supermarket on Grand Cayman that provided quality food and a larger selection of items at a lower cost. With the help of his mother, Alta, and brother, Steve, the trio came up with an idea that would soon become a reality.

1980: Foster’s Food Fair Airport Store Opens

On December 10th, 1980, David, Alta, and Steve’s idea came to fruition with the opening of the Foster’s Food Fair Airport Store. The store opened with less than 6,000 sq ft. and just 25 employees.

1982: The Industrial Park Warehouse is Built.

In 1982, the Industrial Park Warehouse was built with approximately 14,400 sq ft. to serve as a wholesale distribution center, for Cash ‘n Carry.

1985: The Greenery Opens

In 1985, Foster’s’ second store, The Greenery, opens on Seven Mile Beach with 3,750 sq ft. Two years later, in 1987, The Greenery did its first expansion to approximately 8,500 sq ft. The second expansion came two years after that, in 1989, which increased the square footage to 14,400. In 1996, Strand began construction to replace The Greenery.

1997: The Strand Opens

In 1997, on August 21st, the Strand opened with 32,500 sq ft. The Strand Pharmacy opened later that year on October 16th.

1999: The Republix Plaza Opens

In 1999, The Republix Plaza opened.

1999: Foster’s Food Fair Joins IGA Group

In 1999, Foster’s Food Fair joined the IGA Group of Grocers and was renamed Foster’s Food Fair IGA. That same year, Fort Street Market opened in town to serve the community, businesses, and tourists downtown.

1999: The Fort Street Market Opens

In 2000, on December 10th, Fosters Food Fair IGA celebrated 20 years in business, and won IGA International Retailer of the Year for the first time.

2004: Hurricane Ivan Devastates Island

In 2004, on September 5th, Hurricane Ivan hit Grand Cayman with category 4-5 winds. David, Chi Chi, Woody, Tanya, John, William, and three dogs took shelter in the Airport store. The Airport Center roof caved in, and the Strand and Republix locations flooded with sea water, resulting in the loss of equipment and generators.

2004: Airport Center Provides Hurricane Relief

On September 15th, Hundreds of locals and residents lined up outside the Airport Center to receive free food and water. RCIPS assisted by maintaining control, and approximately 200 staff members showed up to help.

2005: Foster's Food Fair Reopens After Ivan

In 2005, on March 3rd, the newly renovated and expanded Strand and Republix locations re-opened. The Strand had been closed for 6 months due to damages incurred from Hurricane Ivan. The Republix store continually operated after the hurricane, but officially reopened after 5 months of renovations with an increase in the building’s square footage to 33,000.

Later that year, on May 7th, Priced Right opened at the Airport Center and celebrated 25 years in business on December 10th.

2006: Foster’s Express Opens in East End

In 2006, on April 21st, Foster’s Express at Morritt’s Shopping
Centre opened in East End.

2006: Foster's Food Fair IGA Opens in Savannah

Later that year, on November 15th, Foster’s Food Fair IGA opened at the Countryside Shopping Village in Savannah. In 2007, Foster’s Food Fair IGA won IGA
International Retailer of the Year for the second time.

In 2010, on December 10th, Foster’s Food Fair IGA
celebrated 30 years in business.

2012: Bay Market Opens in Camana Bay

In 2012, on March 15th, Bay Market opened in Camana Bay as a gourmet, specialty foods store with a focus on organic and natural foods. Bay Market featured prepared meals and offered the island’s largest gourmet cheese selection.

2012: Foster’s Distribution Center Moves to New Location.

In 2012, on September 21st, the Foster’s Distribution Center moved to a new location at 53 David Foster Drive in a purpose built warehouse enmassing 75,000 sq. ft.

2014: Foster's Food Fair IGA Wins IGA International Retailer of the Year

In 2014, Foster’s Food Fair IGA won IGA International Retailer of the Year for the third time.

Later that year, Foster’s Food Fair IGA expanded the department and service areas in their airport store to make space for a more enjoyable customer experience.

2015: Savannah Store Renovations are Completed

In 2014, Foster’s Food Fair IGA expanded its Savannah store service areas to make more space for a more enjoyable customer experience.

Later that year, In 2015, Bay Market renovated its interior, installed new equipment, and expanded their kitchen prep area, and coffee and juice bar.

2015: Foster's Food Fair IGA Celebrates its 35th Anniversary

Later that year, on December 10th, Foster’s Food Fair IGA celebrated 35 years in business. Following the anniversary, Foster’s IGA celebrated their anniversary by creating the ‘Year of Giving’ during which time they ran a series of campaigns and promotions aimed at giving back to the community. Over $125,000 was raised and donated to local charities by

In 2016, the Savannah store renovated to expand the back of house and produce department.

2017: Tanya's Kitchen Rebrands

After nearly 15 years of providing recipes and food inspiration to Cayman, the Tanya’s Kitchen Brand was given a fresh look and feel.

2018: Foster's Food Fair IGA Introduces Vision, Mission, & Culture

After 38 years without one, the company introduced vision, mission, and culture points to give the team clear direction and purpose as they served the community.

2018: Groundbreaking of the New Foster's Opening in Camana Bay

In 2018, on May 4th, Foster’s IGA broke ground on what would become their newest location in Camana Bay. The store will become the largest of all locations, taking up approximately 60,000 square feet.

2019: Foster's Food Fair IGA Rebrands

In 2019, on September 2nd, Foster’s Food Fair IGA rebranded to, simply, Foster’s. The rebrand brought a new name, logo, and visual identity to the company after 39 years.


2019: Foster's Opens in Camana Bay

On 26th October 2019, Foster’s Strand closed its doors, to make way for the opening of our largest store at Camana Bay.

On 29th October, Bay Market in Camana Bay, closed and moved to its new location within the new Foster’s Camana Bay.

On 31st October 2019, Foster’s Camana Bay opened. Offering our widest selection of products, including specialty, organic, all-natural and local products. Within the store was the new Bay Market Cafe (deli-style cafe), featuring 14 made-to-order food stations, hot bars, a coffee & juice bar, our largest range of gourmet cheeses and our bakery department. The store also features a floral department, Foster’s Pharmacy indoor and outdoor dining areas, a demonstration kitchen and Western Union.

2020: Covid-19 hits the Cayman Islands

In March 2020, the world came to a standstill due to the emergence of Covid-19, forcing Governments around the world to usher in unforeseen regulations, resulting in strained supply chains and orders being cut. Foster’s had to adapt and conform to Government regulations including mandatory masks and designated shopping hours, which forced our entry into online shopping, and the beginning of Foster’s GO!

In October 2020, Foster’s Managing Director Woody Foster received a Certificate and Badge of Honor for his exceptional service to our community during the pandemic.