Our Mission | Foster's Supermarket
Our Mission

We Care About Our Community

At Foster's Food Fair, Ltd., "Better, because we care" means more than just caring about our products. We care about our relationships with our customers, we care about our environment, we care about our partners, we care about team, and we care about our values.

Our Vision

We want to develop and inspire our team to represent the company and our community in such a way that creates success and enriches customer loyalty through our commitment to excellent customer service and quality, in all that we do and offer, while striving to continually improve our standards.

Our Mission

The mission of our family-based organization is to operate with integrity, offer quality products at the best price, give excellent customer service that makes you smile, and provide opportunities and assistance through training for all associates to achieve their highest potential with a passion that demonstrates “We Care” through each of our actions while supporting the needs of our community.

What We Stand For

Work with integrity and transparency.

Share, collaborate, communicate.

Ask why we do what we do, and continually improve what we do.

Create a convenient connection to affordable, trusted, everyday selection.

Give, inspire, serve.

Make every visit pleasant, and everything delicious.

Always teach, learn and develop.

Protect the environment around us and waste nothing.