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Resources for using the Foster’s Food Fair, Ltd. brand logos.

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Using our name

  • When referring to the supermarket, our name is – Foster’s
  • When referencing the group of companies (Foster’s, Bay Market, Priced Right) – Foster’s Food Fair, Ltd.


Using our logo

A logo is the embodiment of the brand. It is the brand simply summed up in one tiny, neat little package. Therefore, the logo must, at all times, be perfectly legible and without obstructions. For this reason, we ask that the logo maintain a minimum area of clear space that allows the logo to breathe and shine. Foster’s, and it’s associated logos, must follow the specifications in this guide.

When using the logo with other graphic elements, make sure you give our logo some room. Generally, clear space around the brand mark (logo) should be not less than 50% of the width of the ‘F’. No other type or graphic element (including folds, trims or edges) should fall within the clear space.

The minimum size of the logo (brand mark only) should be 30 pixels.  Brand mark with strap line should be minimum 50 pixels. These rules must be maintained as they best suit the design of our logos.

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Request other logos

Looking for use of one of our other brands’ logos or Foster’s service logos? Send us an email!

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