Ceviche — Foster's Supermarket

by Chef Aaron Molloy

This recipe was inspired by a friend shortly after I moved to Cayman, “ You have to pickle your onions” “ You have to mix your citrus” he would tell me. I listened.
This dish is best with insanely fresh Snapper or Wahoo, or if you happen to be in an area with fresh scallops then that is a great option.

Feeds 4-10


3 lbs fresh fish or scallops

2 cups of fresh squeezed citrus

Lets chat about citrus choices, like the fish the fresher the better. I like to use the following:
Cayman oranges, key limes, grapefruit
1 cup pomelo juce sacks
2 bunches coriander chopped fine
2 Vidalia onions
1 red onion
1/2 cup diced red bell pepper
1/2 cup diced yellow bell pepper
1 scotch bonnet
2 cups apple cider vinegar
3 star anise
Bay leaves
1/2 cup grenadine
1/4 cup white sugar
Salt and pepper to taste

Pickled Onions:
The is best done the day before.
Bring Apple cider vinegar, white sugar, star anise, bay leaves, and grenadine to a boil.
Finley dice your Red and Vidalia onions and place in a glass jar or very clean Tupperware
container. Pour the hot mixture over the onions and let cool, seal and store in your fridge, these
will last for a long time and are a great addition to many dishes.

Rinse your fish fillets very well in cold water. Cube fish, to about half the size of a dice. Place fish into a glass or stainless steel bowl, try to refrain from using plastic. Add, Pomelo, Peppers, cilantro, and about 4 table spoons pickled onions include some of the pickling liquid as well.

Scotch bonnets: I would include a whole finely diced pepper into the mixture, this is up to you.

Gently toss the mixture and then add your citrus, salt and pepper to taste. Cover and set in your fridge for at least 15-20 minutes, can easily set over night for a more well done Ceviche. Pair with your favorite tortilla or plantain chips and enjoy!